Knowing Your Limits 4 Part Series

4 Part Series: Understanding When to Treat and When to Refer out with Eating Disorders

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An eating disorder has a substantial impact on one’s ability to experience joy and fulfillment. It decimates friendships and relationships; it derails careers and personal aspirations. It can lead to traumatic medical situations and in the most serious of cases, it can lead to death. As suffers literally deprive their body their fruits of life, they fall deeper into the disease, leading them to dire consequences.

Attendees will learn about the signs and symptoms presented by the eating disorder patient. Although disordered eating is a common phenomenon in our culture, the diagnosis of an eating disorder requires specialized training and expertise that is usually outside the realm of treatment providers. The eating disorder patient can be extremely overwhelming to a non-eating disorder clinician and almost always requires referral to a comprehensive team which includes a mental health specialist, medical doctor and registered dietitian.

We will begin with examining the criteria for the various types of eating disorders and the most common one in our culture. In exploring the various types of eating disorders. I will share the lesser-known symptoms as well as discuss the medical complications making eating disorders the deadliest psychiatric diagnosis.

We will discuss the difference between disordered eating and eating disorders and the reasons that eating disorders are treated differently than substance abuse. This session will provide the recommended treatment modalities to attendees in helping them become better equipped to support their client who has an eating disorder.

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