Intuitive Eating

Getting Started

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Together we will explore your food habits and behaviors, taking the first step in a transition from mechanical eating to intuitive eating. By incorporating balanced nutrition and mindfulness into our daily habits, the need for restrictive diets and calorie counting begins to diminish, a happy and healthy relationship with food begins to develop.

Through this approach, intuition and knowledge become a fundamental part of making choices confidently and eating without remorse.

I help clients learn how to feel confident around food and know what and how much fuel your body needs. I will help you make these decisions without guilt, shame or regret. During your work together I will help you unleash food-related obsessions, calculations and worry. I help my clients incorporate all types of foods into your life. We explore ways to enjoy them by learning how to achieve pleasure, satisfaction and taste.  When making food choices learning how to choose what sounds appealing to you while meeting your body’s nutritional needs! The end result is to feel grounded and calm around food.

I work on helping my clients feel at home in their body, treat it with love, respect and compassion.

Clients are able to appropriately sit with and filter any negative body messages you hear from external sources or in your own thoughts.