Work with Robyn

What is the Process?

When working with Robyn:

  1. Book your complimentary 10 minute consultation call (it’s free)
  2. Get one-on-one support counseling and resources
  3. Get back freedom from food rules and live your best life

Individual Counseling

Our initial 1½ hour meeting begins with a thorough review of your medical history, any pertinent lab values and a discussion of your typical food intake as well as dietary preferences. Together we will explore your food habits and behaviors, taking the first step in a transition from mechanical eating to intuitive eating. By incorporating balanced nutrition and mindfulness into our daily habits, the need for restrictive diets and calorie counting begins to diminish, a happy and healthy relationship with food begins to develop. Through this approach, intuition and knowledge become a fundamental part of making choices confidently and eating without remorse.

Supermarket Tours

Robyn is pleased to shop with clients privately so they are able to feel comfortable and knowledgeable reading labels. These can be done privately or in groups and group fees can be discussed.

Dining-Out experience

Robyn offers dining out in the real world with clients as often one may feel overwhelmed about practicing what they are working on in session and to have a meal in a safe environment can be a new and challenging experience.

Follow-Up Meetings

Food diaries and journaling provide the basis for further learning about hunger and fullness while learning how to honor what your body is craving as well as our emotions when eating. This tool may also be helpful for those that are learning how to regulate their blood sugar and carbohydrate count if diabetes is a concern. Not everyone I work with uses this tool as this is what I have found helps to provide accountability and manage other medical issues.